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Fresh fish here! The Seafood Shop operates on the premise that whatever can be gotten locally,
we get. If we can’t get it locally, that meaning from local bay men/fisherman coming to our back door, it better be the freshest we can get from other areas.

The fresh seafood lineup starts with the most succulent local flounder and fluke fillets to beautiful white cuts of Chilean Sea Bass (all filleted here) and everything in between. The fresh, local clams and oysters to the most meat packed lobster you’ll ever eat. Plenty of whole fish too, we’ll clean ‘em! Our motto “The Freshest and Finest” is not taken lightly around here. Our ever repeating clientele tell the tale.

Homemade fish soups, chowders and bisques! Yes, we’ve always been known for our delectable clam chowders, but have you tried our Thai Seafood Curry? We have a dozen soups to choose from, that are all made from scratch, with the same commitment to excellence. Come in and ask for a taste!

Homemade salads! Due to the busier schedules of our customers, we have dedicated more space to prepared items than ever before. When was the last time you heard of a seafood market known for its guacamole, or the homemade chips to go with it? From fresh grilled tuna salad to our well heeled lobster salad, to our ceviche, and beyond!

Delicious take-out meals! Choose delicious fare from “Chef Paul LaBue’s inspired” fish-to-table menu (The Cioppino and the Crab Bahn Mi are fantastic!) or ask us to prepare a fish, of your choice, from our impeccable fillet case. We have outdoor seating, to enjoy your meal, in the warmer months.

Did you say fresh produce? We’ve got a beautiful array of organic and local, produce. Anything and everything to make your meal hassle free.

Forgot to get the soy sauce for your sushi? Remember that particular type of sea salt your wife told you to bring home? No worries we have all those specialty dry goods and more.

We also carry an array of frozen items from ice cream to gelato. Homemade clam pies to Alaskan crab legs and our own baked clams.

You understand now, one stop at The Seafood Shop!


The Freshest Fish, The Finest Choice - 40 Years & Thriving!