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On January 1st, 2000, after almost 30 years of dedicating his life to the progress of the store, John Haessler decided to put the same energy towards his family and hobbies. Colin Mather, after spending 13 years under John’s tutelage, became the new owner. Colin has made a few physical changes, but the core motto of The Seafood Shop remains the same, “The Freshest and Finest”. That motto extends to everything we do and our customers are always treated like family.

The life of The Seafood Shop reads like a story, with lots of colorful characters.
So come on in and get your name on the page. We’ll be looking for you.

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  • Dena Sloope Avatar
    Dena Sloope

    They were busy! The store hours are Thursday through Saturday and it was booming! Highly recommended to call ahead if you know what you want or are ordering lobster rolls. They do their rolls on the last weekend of every month. It's clearly a family owned place with fresh local beef too. The staff was great, clearly hard working, and the product is amazing. They also serve hot food as well. I will definitely be making making this a weekly stop.

  • Flo White Avatar
    Flo White

    Glad I preordered lobster rolls. They were sold out...very good

  • Heather Kipness Avatar
    Heather Kipness

    Great food !!!!

  • Montana Avatar

    Yuuuuum! I love the crab cake sandwiches and take home crab trap dip. I even get my local honey there. Everytime I go, everyone is super friendly. I recommend them all the time for people who love seafood. If you haven't been, it is definitely worth a try. Call ahead if you want to eat there so they can heat it up.

  • Michael Perry Avatar
    Michael Perry

    We’ve bought fresh shrimp and fish on a couple of occasions. We’ve also bought the crab trap and crab cakes. The seafood was very fresh and the cooked food is top notch. The crab cakes are delicious!


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