Homemade Fresh Seafood Soups

New England Clam Chowder
Rich creamy texture, savory, sweet, saline flavor. Fresh shucked chopped clams, potatoes, fresh clam juice and whole milk are the award winning composition to our classic. No bacon necessary.

Shrimp Bisque
Sweet fresh diced shrimp in an herbal shellfish broth enriched with cream and finished with sherry wine. A great simple rendition of a true classic.

Manhattan Clam Chowder
Pleasantly chewy clam texture mildly sweet salinity. Slightly tangy tomato flavored clam broth filled with potatoes, celery, carrots, onion and thyme.

Lobster Bisque
Fresh tender lobster, with a hint of sherry. Earthy-floral sea flavor, thickened with reduced fresh cream, scallions, parsley and lobster stock.

Seafood Medley
Moist and tender assortment of fresh shellfish. Mildly spicy with chipotle and herbal undertones. This Sfs original is a tomato shellfish broth enriched with fresh pureed cilantro.

Fish Chowder
Large chunks of fresh fish, sweet peppers, celery, potatoes and carrots are the main attraction. All gently simmered with tomato and home-made fish stock, finished with a hint of sherry wine and fresh herbs.

Crab Bisque
Silky and smooth texture, with a delicate, sweet flavor. Fresh crab, Cream based with shellfish stock.

Seafood Thai Curry
Coconut milk, red curry paste, fish sauce and soy. Savory, sweet, earthy flavor loaded with mushrooms, shrimp, swordfish and crab. Spicy, light, creamy consistency.
This is Sfs' most popular original soups.

Sea Scallop Bisque
Sweet, buttery, slightly nutty flavor cream based bisque with shrimp stock. Chopped fresh scallops, scallion, parsley and sherry wine.

Crawfish Bisque
Slightly smoky, creamy, rich chowder like bisque. Garlic sausage, sweet corn, onions and crawfish with a touch of sherry and worcestershire.

Oyster Bisque
Whole plump local oysters, sweet cream and shellfish stock are the cornerstones for yet another great take on a Sfs bisque.

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